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magic mushrooms

You probably heard of magic mushrooms but do you know that they have increasingly gained acceptance in the mainstream over the last few years and that more and more people and more and more medical professionals are looking at magic mushrooms as an alternative to big pharma medications for things like depression many people are micro dosing meaning taking magic mushrooms in much smaller dosages then they would have in the old days to go on a trip or get high to day people are using magic mushrooms on an almost daily basis in very small doses to help them manage various aspects of mental wellness and this is not just a few hippies any more recently the University of Toronto hosted the 5th annual symposium of doctors from around the world talking about research into the magic of mushrooms. It is the psilocybin compound that is the active ingredient in the psychedelic trip so many of us have heard about, and it is also that ingredient when taken in minute or microdoses that is said to have a positive effect on some people suffering from depression. An added benefit for many is that it is a naturally occurring product, not something invented by big pharma. Β 

It is interesting that a lot of this kind of conversation was going on under the radar of the average person. But these days, with more people coming to buy weed online, Canada has become more familiar with the idea of plant medicine in general, and magic mushrooms have benefited.Β  Some have found when they go to an online marijuana dispensary and talk to their friends about it later, they have also been directed to new sites where people are able to purchase magic mushrooms in the same way that they have become familiar with ordering weed online through trusted door to door delivery services. Β 

Most people aren’t aware that magic mushrooms, like cannabis – have different species (in cannabis they call them strains.) Β There are three or four that are among the most common, ten that are pretty well known, and according to some reports, as a result of plant geneticists working in the field, there are now up to 60 different species of magic mushroom.Β  Most of those are not yet being seen in the marketplace – but what a long strange trip the journey is shaping up to be!Β  Enjoy it!Β 

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