Microdosing Magic Mushrooms for Medical Benefits

Microdosing magic mushrooms

Many people have only recently become aware of the trend to magic mushrooms in Canada and across North America. As proponents of plant medicine have moved beyond cannabis and into the realm of shrooms more and more people are coming online looking to buy shrooms online, as they hear testimonials from people about their use of magic mushrooms some people are still using in recreationally the way they did in the old days – enjoying potent trips, though now with a new understanding that there are various kinds of magic mushrooms and users can expect different effects depending on which ones they try – similar to the strains that users of marijuana have become used to . If you are looking for more information on how to buy shrooms online you’ve come to the right placei- it is important that you have a trusted source and you know that you are getting the top quality product as well as top quality information before you purchase shrooms whether recreationally or medically.

So if you are curious about shrooms as medicine you may want more information about microdosing – something that is becoming more and more common among varied populations using it for things like depression and PTSD to avoid big pharma medications in the same way that people use weed as an alternative to big pharma pain and sleep medications. It is recommended that you start with very low doses for optimum results while monitoring your emotional reactions before taking more after ensuring you are in a good place both physically and mentally. If you are new to shrooms research is always good so that you can fully prepare yourself for the experience, know what to expect, control your dose and make it a positive life experience – or just a fun night! 

Human beings have a long history with magic mushrooms across cultures so prepare yourself then sit back and enjoy the trip! Plan to be in a quiet calm environment with people that you trust and if you have any questions about what the experience might be Lake speak to people who have done it before or research online to get a true understanding of the kind of experience that you might be expecting and remember as always start low and go slow until you find your preferred dosage. Magic mushrooms can be an incredible and life changing experience if you know what to expect.

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