Diving in the magical world of magic mushrooms

magic mushroom

It’s certainly a brave new world where you can buy shrooms online, Canada – cross country whether you’re looking for magic mushrooms in Richmond BC or in Toronto Canada, you now have access online to this incredible mythical journey- one that many are finding healing to address things like depression, PTSD and more. For people with some mental health issues it has become a lifeline. In recent years this has become an expanded field of study with more and more respected doctors in the medical profession looking into the synergies between psychedelic medicine and the mind, discovering different aspects of what magic mushrooms can do. Primarily these days people are looking at micro dosing – this basically means using very small amounts – much smaller than the amounts that they would use recreationally – for medical purposed.

Many people are reporting great results which they even describe as lifechanging but of course we recommend that you do more research before trying to see if this works for you. If you do decide to try magic mushrooms start low and go slow until you find the dose that feels right and you will likely find, like so many others have, that this is truly an uplifting experience. You may want to try journaling to share any insights that come to mind while dosed on shrooms. After all some of the greatest novels and songs of modern times have been inspired by the psychadelics experiences of their creators…so why not try your and at making some magic! 

It is funny that there are many people who think of magic mushrooms as something only hippies did, but in recent times that is less and less true as people from across the country in all kinds of demographics are discovering the benefits of all kinds of plant medicines – including magic mushrooms. After all many people are searching for an alternative to big pharma. The acceptance of – and interest in – shrooms has truly been growing exponentially and much serious research is being conducted around the world proving benefits. Doctors and researchers have been holding international informational symposiums on the matter including one in its 5th year recently hosted by the University of Toronto. It is important to buy from a trusted source, so we are glad you found us! Don’t forget to bookmark us for magical experiences – delivered straight to your door. We look forward to serving your needs. 

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