Mainstream Media reports 30 Percent More Canadians smoke cannabis as soon as they wake up since covid began


Many people in the cannabis community say they got quite a laugh out of recent headlines in Canadian newspapers reporting that 30 percent more Canadians are consuming cannabis first thing in the morning than in pre covid days.  Reading the commentary of average Canadians in the comments sections of those news sources was telling.  It was easy to see which of those commenting had been spun by the lies of the prohibitionist  – they saw increased morning consumption of cannabis as an indication of serious problems needing to be discussed, talking about how this was an indicator of increased boredom and depression but framing it as a problem.  Others pointed out that while this was likely true, the actual fact, which those who visit online marijuana dispensaries know very well, is that medical marijuana is extremely effective medicine for depression, so its actually a positive if more people are finding they can use cannabis instead of heavy pharma for relief.  Still others pointed out that the wake and bake is certainly nothing new, and any increased numbers can be explained not necessarily by increased boredom and depression, but by the simple fact that more people working at home means more freedom to do things like use a little healing cannabis during the workday. The use of weed doesn’t necessarily impair those who are regular users and who know how to choose the most effective strains. Regular visitors to our site and other cannabis dispensaries are well aware that different strains (varieties) of cannabis certainly have different effects.  For example some strains are well known to have deep pain killing properties that are also often used by those with insomnia to help them sleep.  Those heavy indica (think indica in the couch) would not be the best choice at a work day where you have to be fully alert and able to make important decisions on a dime.  However a nice creative sativa could improve your day powerfully so it is all about strain selection.  If you are a newbie there are plenty of places to go for advice.  If you have any specific questions feel free to send them here. Read over some of the strain descriptions and reviews  to discover which cannabis products are best to help you start your day and enjoy!

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