Shrooms Helping Us Look Inside Ourselves During Lockdowns


Those looking to buy shrooms online often come looking for magic mushrooms where they buy weed online, Canada wide, so online marijuana dispensary operators have some real insight into the demographics and they are reporting increased searches for information on magic mushrooms as well as an influx in orders.  They say you could probably describe some who come to buy as old school hippies – the kind of folks who have long known all about magic mushrooms and are only amazed by the new ease of access- no more trekking around in the wild looking for them or waiting for some knowledgeable person to do the same- these days you can order particular species of shrooms (similar to the strains we see in the cannabis world) professionally packaged and delivered straight to your door.  “I am amazed that I lived to see this day,” said one 63 year old Vancouver resident who went on his first shroom trip in 1976 and saye he had taken regular trips at least every couple of years since.  “These days I don’t do a gram at a time once every year or two like I used to.  Now I use them every month or two but only in very very small doses and I find it elevates my mood and keeps me in a good place.”   He is talking about microdosing – something that is increasingly being discussed in the mainstream.  The University of Toronto recently hosted the 5th annual symposium for researchers and medical doctors on the medical use of psilocybin mushrooms and how effective they seem to be in treatments for things like PTSD and depression, which is of particular interest not only to the medical community but for people who suffer from those often debilitating ailments. And many people who certainly don’t consider themselves drug users – some who don’t even use cannabis – say they are finding relief from this kind of plant medicine.  It has also been pointed out that several aboriginal communities around the world traditionally use what we call psychedelics in healing and in spiritual journeys .  In some ways covid has caused us to look inside ourselves as we remain indoors.  Many people are reporting that the introspective use of shrooms has been a part of that very important process for them, an important component of their personal journey of wellness and the shedding of anxiety.  

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