Where Can I Buy Shrooms Online?


Old attitudes are changing quickly. As compounding evidence suggests that the benefits of using psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics are harder to ignore, alongside the spread of this information through studies and anecdotal evidence via the internet, people are starting to not only become interested but fully engaged with potentially trying them.

Of course, it’s essential to consider the legality of purchasing these compounds and products before you do. In Canada, for instance, the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms became legal for people with depression in 2020. This same year

Once a giant step like this is undertaken, many more follow. AS of now, many online dispensaries worth considering sell microdoses and other products to those with medical necessities. 

This begs the question – where can I buy shrooms online? After all, these products should be consumed safely and responsibly, and the first step for that to happen is to source them in the right manner. In this post, we’ll discuss why you may want these products, what you should look out for when purchasing them, and in the long run, what stores you may wish to consider.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

What are the benefits of purchasing mushrooms?

Shamanic use of mushrooms containing psychoactive compounds has been maintained for thousands of years. Some theories suggest that our earliest tree-dwelling ancestors ate them at the base of trees, with their inherently psychoactive effects helping to increase the size of our brains to be the biggest (relative to our body size) in the animal kingdom. This is just an interesting theory, however.

What isn’t a theory is the growing scientific and therapeutic evidence suggesting the use of psychoactive compounds can be beneficial, with mushrooms serving as one of the most promising path. From positive personality changes to overcoming conditions such as PTSD, all the way up to learning to gather more gratitude in life and feeling much more creative and inspired, mushrooms are starting to be seen as a therapeutic opportunity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should use them or anything else as a panacea. More research needs to be conducted. However, this evidence, along with the mountainous volumes of anecdotal reports, suggest that many people seek out this experience in order to heal, not necessarily just for recreation.

If you have a history of mental illness in your family, or have been diagnosed with an issue before, it’s best to avoid taking mushrooms or other psychoactive substances entirely.

Vital things to know before taking mushrooms:

If you have come to the autonomous decision to take mushrooms, then it’s important to know how to do it. No matter if you hope to microdose over time or take a heroic dose after having experience with them, it’s important to know what to expect before taking mushrooms, and how to curate the best experience.

Let’s discuss a few ways you can pursue that:

  • Be in the right headspace – it’s important to note that when taking mushrooms, you need to be in a good mental space. Refrain from taking them if you have ongoing disturbances in your life, or if you feel fraught or anxious going in. It’s okay to delay or postpone your experience, this isn’t something you have to force if it doesn’t feel right. Meditation and calming music can be a great place to start.
  • Be in great, trusted company – it’s essential to have those you trust around you. This way, you can feel safe, comfortable, calm and supported. They can feel that too. A dedicated trip sitter who may be on a much lower dose or totally sober can also be helpful, as they can help you if you need anything.
  • Stay safe in a properly curated environment – ‘set and setting’ are often two of the most essential components you will be recommended before curating an experience like this, and for quite obvious reasons. Staying safe in a properly curated environment, such as by ensuring you have relaxing seating available, that you are comfortable, that the windows and doors are locked if necessary, and that you will be undisturbed can be truly helpful.
  • Prepare what you need – preparing what you need going forward can and should save you plenty of time going forward. This may involve setting up a music playlist, having filtered water on hand, and a few light snacks or pre-prepared healthy meals if you do feel hungry. This trip may last for up to 8 hours, so make sure you’re ready for that.

What should you look for in a reliable online dispensary?

There are a number of considerations you should consider before purchasing from an online dispensary.

First, a careful listing of all the products on display is essential. You should know exactly the weight of the product you’re buying, contact information, what delivery options are available, the exact pricing, and the brand names of the products. Look for online dispensaries with a large product library, such as those that also sell cannabis products.

Furthermore, an online dispensary with a useful contact number and support email is essential. If they run a blog, that’s also a great sign, because it shows they care about the continual edification of their users.

It’s also essential to consider social media presence and approved payment providers. For instance, supporting major credit cards, as well as Apply Pay and Google Pay is a good sign.

Where can you buy shrooms online?

There are many online dispensaries, but we would, of course, recommend Ahuevo for all of your cannabis and mushroom needs in Canada.

Not only do they have thorough descriptions of everything (including what you can expect from consuming their products), but they make sure reviews, additional information, and exact prices per weight are available. They have a range of different mushrooms for sale, as well as truffles that have become much more popular in recent years.

If you have any questions to field before purchase, be sure to ask them. This way, you can feel safe in your mushroom experience from the first moment you choose to pursue it.

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