Afghani Strain Review


If you’re a fan of cannabis, chances are you have had some of the mighty Afghani strain or heard about it at the very least. The strain is a genetic parent of some of the most popular strains known for their potency, like AK-47, Trainwreck, Northern Lights, and Afgoo, among others; it has parented many more.

The Afghani, or Afghani Kush, is a landrace strain, which means it’s a pure strain that was never crossbred with any other kind. It was first brought into the US in the 70s and has since become a favorite of many growers and breeders for its potency and out-of-this-world resin production level.

Let’s hash over Afghani strain and get to know this cannabis great more.

Afghani Kush: The Basics

The Afghani strain is a perfect example of what nature can do when left to its own devices. From the plant’s natural self-selection, Afghani has grown into an almost flawless cultivar that humans have simply to make even better.

If you’re not careful, this strain will catch up to and knock out even the most experienced cannabis consumers, all thanks to its THC levels that can reach as high as 25%. As if that wasn’t enough, its 100% indica content means no getting away from it. You will want to be mindful when deciding how much weed “food” you’re taking in!

Looks, Aroma, and Flavor of the Afghani Strain

As a plant, the Afghani strain is thick and stubby, making it easy to grow indoors, although it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its large water leaves are both long and wide and come in a striking dark green. 

The buds are just as thick and dense and can come in light to deep green colors with amber pistils shooting all over the frosty trichome covering.

The Afghani Kush has a surprising aromatic quality, which is both the typical earthy and an unexpected floral tone. This nasal treat sets the stage for an even more pleasant flavor that’s a balanced cross between earthy pine and peppery herb. A sweet aftertaste makes for a great ending to the succulent experience.

Effects of the Afghani Kush

Many dubs the Afghani Kush to be the poster child of indica strains. It is, after all, 100% pure indica.

The high that the Afghani strain induces can be felt as soon as you light up. It starts with a body high before turning to your mind after some time has passed.

When you’re feeling like the world’s problems are weighing on your shoulders, this cannabis strain can help. To combat feelings of negativity and get back into a more positive mindset in life, many find that smoking some Afghani is all they need for clarity. Just a few hits of it and you’re in for euphoric and blissful sedation until daybreak.

The Afghani Kush is best taken at night or on days when you’re allowed to laze around because of the intense relaxation it brings about. The munchies are strong with this strain, too, so make sure to keep your food and drinks within arms’ reach because there’s a high chance you’ll be couch locked for hours—that is, if you can even manage to stay awake.

The Afghani weed strain can induce healing, both physically and mentally. The strain’s deeply sedative nature can not only relax the mind and rid it of stressors, it can also physically calm the body. Therefore, it’s a great strain to address conditions such as insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, and even chronic pain. Taking higher than usual doses of this strain may be needed to achieve its full medicinal benefits. Of course, discretion and precautions must be taken.

Our Verdict

Afghani Kush is certainly a strain that lives up to the hype. Though many other strains have higher THC contents, this landrace strain has a purity that is unrivaled. It is rightfully held in high regard because of its unadulterated nature, and it is evident in the countless strains that have been created with it as a parent.

To some, Afghani’s heavy sedative effects can be off-putting, but it’s important to understand that this is all that a pure indica is, and some actually need the break that it brings. We recommend this strain for battling stress and improving general well-being. It’s no doubt a great strain to have after a long day of work or other sources of mental and physical tension.

Newbies should give this potent indica a try but must be fully aware and ready to be knocked out, in the best way possible, of course. Veteran smokers who haven’t had the powerful Afghani strain won’t regret trying it at least once.

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