Alaskan Thunder Fuck Review


Here is a full review with everything you need to know about this creativity-inducing strain

The Alaskan ThunderFuck strain is renowned worldwide for the creative effects that it induces within its user, along with a very happy high. As you will learn, later on, this cannabis strain has a very long list of some incredible health benefits for any one of its consumers to reap. A few of the things that this medicinal cannabis strain is known to help with are post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, and arthritis. The Alaskan ThunderFuck has an extraordinary and unique aroma to it, as well. The scent coming off of this strain is a blend of some banana and orange notes and hints of skunk and diesel. Though some may describe this as a slightly strange mix of blends, others are willing even to refer to it as a pungent strain, Simply put, a unique smelling cannabis strain that is a real treat for anyone who consumes it.

How the Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Grew in Popularity

This northern delight, which is said to have a solid Alaskan cannabis heritage, is gaining more and more traction across the entire globe. A little bit of that traction came about thanks to its very exact name compared to other strains. Still, a lot of that fame stemmed from the fact that the cannabis strain itself was, simply, very intriguing to a lot of people due to the type of delightful high it brought about. The Alaskan ThunderFuck was, without an ounce of any doubt, very potent, with many describing the high to hit them as quickly and powerfully as a bolt of lightning would. However, these remarks would often be followed up with the users mentioning that the lightning bolt, albeit quick and strong, hit them in a very comfortable and enjoyable manner.

Unlike many other potent Sativa strains, including some Sativa dominant strains, the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain does not leave its user with the crash and burn that is commonly associated with the other strains of this type. Instead, also unlike similar strains, you can expect the Alaskan ThunderFuck to whisk you away in a breeze of delight, along with bombarding you with constant surges of creativity. As the Alaskans themselves would put it, this snowy strain understands how to go about brightening up even the most brutal of winters.

A Bit of History About The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

The Alaskan ThunderFuck has a few other names which give away quite a bit about the strain’s past. This cannabis strain was initially referred to as the Matanuska Tundra. The strain got its name of ‘Matanuska Tundra’ because it first blossomed in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. It later had its name changed to ‘Matanuska Thunder Fuck’, which finally led to the name we know and love today, the ‘Alaskan ThunderFuck.’ 

The Creation of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain We Know Today

As previously mentioned, the Alaskan Thunder Fuck originally blossomed in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska and hence got all of its other nicknames. While the exact details are still unknown, it is heavily rumoured that the Alaskan ThunderFuck came about due to a cross between two Sativa dominant strains. The Alaskan ThunderFuck is said to stem from the two original strains are the Russian Ruderalis and the Northern California Sativa strain. However, it is said to share more similarities with the Northern California Sativa strain than the Russian Ruderalis. 

However, the creation of the Alaskan ThunderFuck does not end there, or at least it doesn’t for the Alaskan ThunderFuck we know and love in today’s world. As we know it today, the creation of the Alaskan ThunderFuck was said to have happened at some point in the 1970s, when the original Alaskan ThunderFuck strain was bred with some Afghani Indica strain, called the ‘Afghani Landrace.’ This breeding between the genetics of a Sativa dominant strain and an Indica dominant strain led to the Alaskan ThunderFuck becoming more of a hybrid, containing equal proportions of both the Sativa plant and the Indica plant. The breeding between the two different plants only added to the Alaskan ThunderFuck strain’s complexity, as well as its unique character.

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain’s Composition

With all its history and weird breeding choices out of the way, we can finally begin to discuss the final product of all the breeding.

Many sources claim that the Alaskan ThunderFuck has a Sativa content of fifty percent and an indica content of the same percentage. However, despite the levels of the two different plants being the same within the strain, it is still often referred to as a Sativa strain type rather than a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

The THC content of the Alaskan ThunderFuck is considered average, as its THC content percentage lies somewhere in the range of 15 percent to twenty-five percent. It also comes with a small amount of helpful CBD content at around 0.8 to 1 percent of the strain’s composition.

The Different Characteristics of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck

The Scent of the Strain

If you have more of a sweet tooth and enjoy the likes of candy or fruity scented marijuana strain then the Alaskan ThunderFuck should not be your first choice for buying strains. The Alaskan Thunder Fuck cannabis strain has got that classic, very stinky, and pungent Mary Jane smell to it. The strain reeks of diesel and skunk, as previously mentioned, but also has some of that solid earthiness for it, as well. Some people can be put off from using this strain simply due to its aroma, but the ones who stay choose to do so because they know that the medicinal benefits of this strain significantly outweigh the downside that is the negative aroma that the strain comes with.

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain surprisingly also comes with some hints of pine. However, the pine notes might not be all too surprising as Alaska is remembered for its tall trees, which are somewhat reminiscent of the sweet pine notes found in the strain. Though, more often than not, the sweet pine notes are just glossed over due to the more intense notes of skunk that are present within the strain.

The Taste and Flavor of the Strain

The taste of a strain is a fundamental characteristic, especially to those who smoke. If you were to smoke the strain ‘Alaskan Thunder Fuck’, then you would still be greeted with the skunk and diesel, as you would have when smelling it, but the taste of this strain proves itself to be a bit more appealing as it has an additional few set of notes added into the mix. When you smoke this strain, you will also be hit with a bizarre blend of spice, banana, and orange, in addition to the tastes mentioned above of skunk and diesel.

The taste of this strain is, unarguably, much more untraditional and a lot stranger than its smell, but for those who enjoy a new and different flavour, the strain Alaskan Thunder Fuck, will undoubtedly prove itself to be quite an enjoyable one.

The Appearance of the Strain

Moving on from the flavour of the strain to the last of the characteristics we will be discussing, let’s talk about Alaskan ThunderFucks’ buds appearance. The buds on this strain of cannabis are certainly a sight to behold, as they are gorgeous, densely packed, and, what can only be described as, ‘Full of Light.’ The buds are quite sticky to the touch and are also packed to the brim with pale green-coloured, frosty sugar leaves. The pale green and frosty leaves are evenly blended amongst the bud’s brassy orange-coloured pistils. The tiny, twisting hairs also do their part in adding to the strain’s vibrancy and, just overall, brilliant appearance.

On certain occasions, one can even catch small glimpses of a deep purple-coloured hue. This adds to the strain’s list of traditional characteristics of weed but also puts its original twist on things.

How to Grow The Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

The one thing that could be considered a potential downside about this one strain, in particular, is the complexity and how much of a challenge cultivating the strain is. Due to its origins up in the north, in the valleys of Alaska, the Alaskan Thunder Fuck needs cold weather to grow correctly, weather that symbolizes the northern climates it originated in. While not much of a problem in Alaska, it can prove quite challenging to mimic the weather conditions required to grow the weed strain in other parts of the world where it is also popular.

However, growing indoors is always an option where the climate isn’t up to the standard required by the weed strain, but the downside of the strain being grown indoors is that the yield isn’t nearly as much as what you could harvest when the strain is grown outdoors.

Another downside, in terms of cultivation, that the Alaskan Thunder Fuck comes with is that it is not resistant to many diseases. Thus, the plant needs to be monitored pretty closely while it is in its growing phase. Suppose you are growing the weed strain outdoors. In that case, you should also be keeping an eye on the weather conditions, as a sudden drop in temperature could prove to be devastating to the weed strain you are growing, even possibly damaging them permanently.

After successfully growing the Alaskan Thunder Fuck, you will most certainly be rewarded as you can expect to harvest a yield that contains many great buds, which are full of THC, as well as a few other cannabinoids such as CBD.

The plant of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is quite tall, so you should account for a lot of growing room when planning your setup. If you are growing them outdoors, you can expect to harvest your yield sometime in October, after waiting through the usual flowering period for this weed, lasting between eight to nine weeks. If you happen to be growing the strain indoors, then you can go ahead and plant them at any point throughout the year. However, you should note that the plants will begin their harvesting phase after those mentioned above eight to nine weeks of waiting.

A successful outdoor yield would consist of about 32 ounces of herb per plant, while an indoor result is usually about half of that, at around 16 ounces per meter squared.

The Effects of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck

As previously mentioned, this strain is more often referred to as a simple Sativa strain rather than a hybrid. In all fairness, it does act like a Sativa strain would, too, with its very high levels of potency hitting the user almost immediately and packing quite a punch. This, in part, has helped add to the notoriety of this strain and quickly helped increase its popularity around the entire world. However, where it begins to differ from the many other Sativa strains out there, it does not overly energize and excite you up to the point of exhaustion, eventually leading you to a crash, like the many other strains would if you were to consume them.

This strain, unusually for a Sativa strain, provides you with a cerebral high by playing with your emotions to generate large amounts of happiness. At the same time, the high you get from the Alaskan Thunder Fuck is also referred to as an uplifting high as the uplifting sensations you get when you consume the strain are just, simply, enjoyable by everyone. The uplifting effects of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck are so pleasurable that even those people who wouldn’t normally be inclined to go for a Sativa strain would find themselves puffing away at a blunt, enjoying the smoke of this strain.

The way this strain would affect a person, meaning the level of clear-headedness you would get from smoking the Alaskan Thunder Fuck, makes it an undeniable choice for morning consumption. It works exceptionally well in the morning when you pair it up as a supplement to your day’s first cup of coffee or if you consume it alongside some other caffeinated beverage.

Moving on to the effect that this strain is most famous for, the exceptional levels of creativity come out of a user that consumed the Alaskan Thunder Fuck. On top of all the contentment and good vibes that you will start your day out with, you will also notice that you have been infected with a creative bug that forces you into a state of deep analytical thinking.

Adding to the long list of effects that this strain could have on you, or subtracting from it, is that this strain won’t be putting you in a couch-locked state. In addition to all this, some people reported that this strain gave them an appetite, essentially making them hungry, proving itself an ideal quality for those who find themselves skipping meals or enjoying their meals to the fullest. This strain shall help you fulfill the unwritten rule of never skipping breakfast due to it being a daytime strain with the quality mentioned above of creating hunger.

All of The Health Benefits of The Alaskan Thunder Fuck

We’ve already lightly touched on the fact that this strain is incredible for anyone who suffers from eating disorders, but there are many more benefits to consuming this strain than just that.

We have mentioned that this strain can regulate its user’s emotions, essentially turning all of their negative emotions, from depression or otherwise, into positive feelings of happiness and joy. The Alaskan Thunder Fuck is very effective when it comes to the art of suppressing and fighting against symptoms of mental conditions. This is due to the strain having very long-lasting lucidity. Even though the strain is relatively low in terms of CBD content, it can still help people deal with depression, anxiety, and even some stress-related mood disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. It can help deal with all these negative emotions associated with depression without dealing with the repercussions that some of the traditional prescription medications, which are allowed for a patient’s consumption by the Food and Drug Administration, come with. Some of the possible side effects of conventional medicines you could avoid by consuming Alaskan Thunder Fuck instead would be still reprising your energy and not having to deal with excessive tiredness or headaches that come after taking your medication.

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck serves some benefits to your physical body as well, rather than just your mind. A benefit your body would get from consuming the Alaskan Thunder Fuck would be its effectiveness in reducing chronic pain for people that suffer from a medical condition that causes it. An example of a few situations in which you would be dealing with some form of chronic pain would be rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, and migraine headaches. All of these and more could be helped or even treated with the help of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

However, the list of conditions that the Alaskan Thunder Fuck can remedy doesn’t end there, and in fact, includes a lot more things that can be treated with the help of the strain. A few of the other problems that this strain could help remedy include nausea, common fatigue and even chronic fatigue, and some attention deficit disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Find the Right Dosage For You

However, it is essential to keep in mind that with a pretty large, around twenty percent, THC content, it can be easy to consume more than you intend with this weed strain. If you are new to the world of smoking weed or if the health condition you plan on treating with this weed strain does not require a massive dose of THC, then you should start with low quantities of Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

More often than not, people looking to treat a health condition with the help of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck weed strain usually end up alleviating a lot of their symptoms with a small dose and never require going up in the quantity of their dosage of the strain. Especially in the cases where a person has a low tolerance for the cannabinoid, THC sometimes may affect people with certain health conditions with a lot more intensity than others with the same health condition.

As a result, one must constantly monitor the potency of Alaskan Thunder. They consume and adjust their dosage of the weed strain by listening to their body and how it’s reacting to the weed strain. The best way to go about monitoring the potency you intake is by way of starting with only a single hit of the weed strain and then waiting for around ten to twenty minutes before hitting up the weed strain for a second time, with maybe two puffs instead of one this time around. You can gradually work your way up by waiting between each set of puffs and then incrementing the number of puffs you take in each stage by one. You can go higher if you still feel like you need more medicine, but once you feel comfortable enough and know that the amount you are ingesting is sufficient for your health condition, you shouldn’t increase the number of puffs you take in each set.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that if you consume too much weed strain, you could deal with some minor side effects such as dry eyes and a dry mouth. They both should heal relatively quickly after you stop using the strain, but the dry eyes might stay around a little longer than the dry mouth. You could also easily avoid dealing with the dry mouth problem by simply stunning a few glasses of water.

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